The Blood of the Templar (Sample Chapter)

CHAPTER ONE Palestine, 1192 They were still chasing her. Josephine felt them just as she felt the horse’s heartbeat echoing through galloping hooves. Her lungs clutched at every breath, sucking at the rushing wind; fear lodged in her throat. She stole a glance behind her. A vision of dark men on angry horses flashed in… Continue reading The Blood of the Templar (Sample Chapter)

Alpha Red: A Dark Matter Sci-Fi Novel (Preview)

In the section C control room on deck nine of the Venus 1 space station, Ensign Maureen Smith sat at her desk and stared through the terminal screen, her mind more on her coffee than her work. She wrapped her right hand around the cup, her palm not quite touching the hot mug. The heat from the coffee comforted her. She slid her finger up the smooth glass, testing the heat to see if the coffee had cooled enough not to burn her tongue…

The Itch

It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch. Sometimes I felt thirsty, but no matter how much I drank I could never quench the thirst. At other times, I needed to walk around the house and stretch my legs, but no matter how long I paced I still felt restless. It was as if my mind was trying to find a way to scratch that itch.